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Month: June 2017

Congratulations to Billy J. Cortez

Congratulations to Billy J. Cortez

We are pleased to announce that Billy J. Cortez is now Mirth Certified. Being Mirth Certified gives CCE HIE the capability and knowledge needed to connect clinics and health organizations to exchange health information using the Mirth Connect Integration Engine.

As the “data steward” for the community to share patient health information, we have put in place processes and oversight to ensure privacy and security to facilitate the secure exchange of protected health information. Although most hospitals and providers have electronic health record (EHR) systems, most are not able to share information electronically among different EHR vendors. The result by default is most providers still fax copies of health records to each other.

Our Integration engine service offers an affordable solution for clinics and health organizations to share patient health information to meet current legislative requirements such as Meaningful Use, PCMH, and MACRA. Essentially, you connect your EHR to the HIE one time and we can direct your data to any destination required at a reasonable fee. Our technology will enable organizations to have the option to participate in our HIE, disease registry, or quality reporting tool.