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The Notifiable
Conditions Dashboard

The Notifiable Conditions Dashboard allows hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other healthcare facilities in Cameron County to more quickly report illnesses, such as COVID-19, hepatitis or measles, that are considered to be public health emergencies. The dashboard provides a simple, accurate method for submitting reports in order to eliminate errors and ensure compliance with applicable reporting laws.

Key Features

The Dashboard is similar to that of the Infectious Disease Report required by the state. Key areas on the Dashboard request details on the individual reporter, the reporting practitioner’s office, the patient’s demographic information, the condition being reported, and supporting documents, such as lab results. Each of these sections includes features that simplify and streamline the reporting process. Service is only available for Cameron County providers.

Accuracy Protection

The Dashboard limits the possibility of incorrect information, misspellings or the misreading of information that was written by an authorized person.


Certain information in each section, such as the practitioner’s location or lab details, is autofilled, allowing for quick and easy submission of information.

Intuitive Navigation

The Dashboard boasts a user-friendly design which walks practitioner offices through each step of the reporting process. This prevents errors and makes the reporting process easy.


The Dashboard improves the simplicity, accuracy and speed of notifiable conditions reporting in order to create a seamless process for medical facilities.

Faster Response Times

By removing the stress of faxing information to the county and creating a streamlined recording process, the Dashboard allow facilities to report notifiable conditions at a much faster pace. In return, the county can respond to potential outbreaks more quickly and effectively.

Improved Disease Surveillance

More accurate reporting leads to more accurate disease surveillance. The prompt reporting of suspected notifiable conditions enables providers and authorities to gain a more complete understanding of how certain diseases are presenting in their area.

Trustworthy Reporting

Reporting errors are all but eliminated by the Dashboard. By removing the possibility of misreading handwritten reports and picking up on potentially incorrect data, the Dashboard creates reports the county can rely on.

How It Works (Cameron County Only)

The Notifiable Conditions Dashboard comes into play whenever a practitioner’s office or medical facility receives information indicating that a patient may have a notifiable condition.

For example, if a patient receives laboratory testing that indicates the presence of measles, the authorized Dashboard user would complete the following steps:

  • Fill in reporter details
  • Fill in practitioner details
  • Provide facility location
  • Complete patient demographics
  • Include laboratory test results and other supporting documentation
  • Submit the information to the county with the click of a button

Designed to take just a few minutes, the Dashboard allows for almost instantaneous reporting with an unmatched level of accuracy.

In our example, this type of prompt reporting would trigger a rapid response from the county to pinpoint and respond to a potential measles outbreak, potentially saving lives and minimizing further disease spread.