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What We Do

Connected Care Exchange is on a mission to improve the quality, efficiency, and coordination of healthcare by providing healthcare providers with access to a patient’s complete medical history and other resources that streamline collaboration across healthcare facilities and providers.

Eliminate Gaps in Care

CareShare reduces the physician burden to share or access crucial health data and puts critical information in the hands of providers. That makes it easier for providers to offer informed, accurate, and effective healthcare that improves outcomes for their patients.

Improve Care Collaboration

By putting all patient health data in one central location, CareShare makes it easy for organizations across the state, or the country, to access a complete patient record. By easing communication between organizations and providers, CareShare improves collaboration and the patient experience. Providers can also easily share updated patient data with hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and other physicians.

Introducing Connected Care Exchange

CCE has the potential to improve healthcare quality while lowering costs. The benefits of CCE include better care coordination, improved efficiency, fewer medical errors, and fewer duplicate procedures. Quick, seamless data sharing is becoming more common among healthcare providers because the need for this technology is clear and the benefits are significant.


Gain instant access to all the medical documents associated with a specific patient in one central location.


Get notified whenever a patient of yours is admitted to hospital or the ER with instant alerts.

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See an instant overview of a patient’s vital information, last visit, medical conditions, prescriptions and more.

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About Connected Care Exchange

The Connected Care Exchange (CCE), doing business as the Rio Grande Valley Health Information Exchange (RGV HIE), is a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating the secure exchange of patient health information to improve communication and patient care in South Texas. The CCE brings a regional-level infrastructure solution that connects information between participating health care organizations and providers by integrating disparate systems and enabling the exchange and use of critical patient information for making care-related decisions at the point of care. We work with physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations to ensure that critical health information is communicated in a consistent and secure manner.

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We Are Constantly Growing

Join our Network of clinically integrated Hospitals and affiliated Providers with other community partners in the region. CCE provides the technical infrastructure to share and access patient records across all participating members in the HIE.







Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions to provide you with more information about
our services and how they can support you in your practice.

  • How do I participate in CCE?

    You automatically become a member of CCE HIE when you visit a participating doctor or hospital.

  • What is Health Information Exchange?

    Health information exchange (HIE) is defined as the electronic movement of health-related information among health care organizations according to nationally recognized standards and conducted in a manner that protects the confidentiality, privacy, and security of the information. HIE may also refer to the electronic infrastructure that enables health care providers to access and share a patient’s medical information electronically to enhance coordination of patient care among providers, improve the quality and efficiency of care that a patient receives, improve patient safety, reduce medical errors and duplicate services. HIE is also useful in enhancing public health and disease detection and monitoring.

  • How much does it cost?

    There is no cost to the patient.

  • Why are HIEs valuable?

    An HIE allows two or more health care providers involved in providing care to a patient to quickly, securely, and accurately share information. Because each authorized provider can readily see a patient’s complete electronic health record (EHR), the need for duplicate medical tests is reduced, efficiency is improved, and patients receive higher quality care.

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