Month: August 2016

Proyecto Juan Diego uses RGV HIE analytics software to meet grant requirements

We are pleased to announce that RGVHIE will be working with Proyecto Juan Diego in support of the Group Lifestyle Balance Program. The Group Lifestyle Balance Program provides education, encouragement and the tools necessary to help individuals reach their healthy lifestyle goals. This program is designed for those, over 18 yrs of age, who are pre-diabetic or have a high risk for diabetes

RGV HIE will be providing population health analytics, quality reporting and care management solutions and services to help meet reporting requirements of the program.

Community service providers or nonprofit organizations such as Proyecto Juan Diego receive funding from a variety of sources, both public and private. To ensure money is well-spent, funders typically require grantees to report on specific metrics related to service provision, such as the number of clients being served, program outcomes, and improvements.

The RGV HIE can provide the technical infrastructure to support complex and extensive reports about the effectiveness of programs. We can help report on outcomes to demonstrate progress and justify ongoing and future funding

We are excited about this new collaboration and we are looking forward to continuing to serve the people in our community.

About Project Juan Diego

Proyecto Juan Diego was founded in 2003 by Sister Phylis Peters, Daughter of Charity. The organization was granted a 501 (c) 3 status with a mission to empower low income families to be healthy and self-sufficient in the community. Proyecto utilizes educational programs, family activities, and preventative health services to improve quality of life.

The staff provides a variety of services, including parenting classes, mentoring, anger management, and family development. Outreach and civic engagement activities include citizenship, GED, and English classes, Get Out the Vote efforts, leadership development, and youth development. Proyecto also offers services for diabetic and pre-diabetic patients, including self-management classes.