Month: May 2019

What is an EMPI and Why Is It Important?

Hospitals and healthcare systems that aren’t running an efficient EMPI (Enterprise Master Patient Index) platform are more likely to have their EHR system filled with duplicate patient records and inaccurate information about their patients. These discrepancies may cause potential risks to the patient and compromise the quality of care and treatment. Accurate patient identification is critical to providing the best patient care, however, patient matching implications can happen during the patient registration process. Patients do not always give correct demographic information, and patient identifiers, such as demographic data, Social Security numbers and patients’ addresses can be mistyped easily, this may cause discrepancies and duplicate records in the system.

An efficient EMPI platform is only the start of patient identification improvement. Our EMPI system uses a cloud-based matching platform that links and matches patients across disparate databases or organizations with the highest accuracy rates in the industry. It uses referential matching to get an exact match when looking up patients in the EMPI system. The use of the EMPI helps the health information exchange to better match and link patient records across its participating providers.