Month: March 2023

New Service – Notifiable Conditions Dashboard

The Notifiable Conditions Dashboard is a resource that allows hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other healthcare facilities to report conditions of illness considered to be public health emergencies, outbreaks, exotic diseases, and unusual group expressions of disease to the county and state at a much faster pace.

The dashboard contains components that are similar and according to the Infectious Disease Report with areas regarding the reporter, the practitioner’s office reporting the condition, the patient’s demographic information, the condition that is being recorded, and supporting documents such as laboratory results.

This dashboard relieves the stresses of faxing the information, removes the complications that come with incorrect information being recorded through misspelling and/or misreading information that is provided by authorized personnel, and as previously mentioned, brings forth a much faster pace through the use of auto-fill opportunities.

The use of the dashboard has the capability to bring a better, safer, and healthier environment to those living within the Rio Grande Valley.